Your Donation is Doubled during March! image

Your Donation is Doubled during March!

Since 1987, Interfaith Food Ministry has worked to reduce food insecurity in Nevada County. We feed the hungry, helping to sustain good health and human dignity. You can designate your donation on the next screen (optional). We appreciate you!

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Your Donation is Doubled during March!

Robert and Emily are among the working poor, a growing segment of our community defined as those who maintain employment but whose incomes fall below a given poverty line due to low wages and high expenses. With recent inflation, wages simply do not cover basic expenses. To support their family with two young children, Robert and Emily rely on IFM for supplemental food. In April, their CalFresh (food stamps) will be reduced by almost $200 a month. They, along with many others, will need more help from IFM than ever before.

IFM serves any Nevada County resident in need of food. There are no income requirements! IFM also serves several other Non-Profits, providing them with food that gets distributed to their clients through their programs.

We thank you for your donation and for taking action against hunger!!